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Welcome to Trade Rumors! The website where you can find the latest trade rumors, free agency news, signings and draft news across all the major sports whether it is the National Hockey League (NHL), the Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Our trade rumors follow the seasons currently on going. If the trend for any rumors are leaning towards one sport in particular, our attention is focused to that particular sport. For example in the Winter our focus revolves around hockey and in the summer we will look at what the various baseball organizations are brewing.

Trade Rumors is one guy – me, a sports fan in general. My pen name is “Trade” and I compile the latest trade rumors from across all the medias out there. I don’t make them up like some sites do to get readers and viewers. What I do is read what’s out there validate them, consolidate and report them.

Our site likes to make sense of all the various trade rumors out there and add a logical insights to it – under “Editor’s Note”. It helps understand the why it would happen or wouldn’t. We look at what the rumors trending and again we don’t make them but bring it to you the reader as your one-stop-shop for all the rumors out there in the world of sports.

I am located in northern Canada and although hockey rules, I love to watch all sports. I have this started Trade Rumors on October 17th, 2013. I am hoping you will enjoy it the site too. My product is original – all post are written by me in its originality. So if there are typo’s – I apologize.

Finally feel free to click the ads, they are not there for me to make money, far from that. The aim is to enhance the website and eventually get a better layout, theme and a logo. If you have any comments about the website – feel free to contact me.

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