Are Ladd and Byfuglien available?

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Winnipeg jets - Andrew Ladd

The Winnipeg Jets will have serious decisions to make with the trade deadline in just over a month away. They will need to decide if they will want to keep veteran defenceman Dustin Byfuglien and captain Andrew Ladd. Both have been in Winnipeg since it moved from Atlanta back in 2011 and will be due for a hefty raise. They are both set to be unrestricted free agent on July 1st.

For general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff, it is decide if he can afford to keep both, or just one of the two or none of the two. After all, the Jets have not been successful with both veterans in the roster since being in Winnipeg except for the one appearance in the playoffs last year. The Jets were ousted by the Anaheim Ducks in four games.

The Winnipeg Jets are a team with a lot of young talents and Cheveldayoff, it will be probably a time to restructure the roster, similar to what the Arizona Coyotes did last season and in their off season.

Byfuglien is rumored to be looking for a long term deal in the eight year range in the vicinity of 6-7 million per season. Thee same amount of years are sought by Andrew Ladd at approximately in the 6 million dollar range. For a team like Winnipeg, that would be a lot of money for the two players. Cheveldayoff may be tempted to keep Byfuglien who is still his pillar on the blue line. He may be tempted to offer Ladd as a rental for a first rounder or a prospect. Ladd represent after all the perfect prototype of a power forward.

Brandon Pirri not on the trading block

According to the Miami Herald Georges Richards, he tweeted the possibilities that Florida Panthers goal scorer Brandon Pirri is not on the trading block after being a healthy scratch over the weekend. “Now, I’m not saying won’t trade Brandon Pirri; they have been getting offers. But they aren’t trying to move him and like him.”

Florida panthers management also reiterated the fact Pirri was only scratched to get his game back in order following a recent drought. Pirri’s drought was associated with the Panthers not playing like they did during their recent win streak of twelve games in January.


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