MLB Trade Rumors – 8 June 14

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Yankees looking for help on pitching

– The Yankees are having problems to stay in the chase for top spot in the AL East. And that is mainly due to their decimated pitching staff.  Two of the main New York Yankees armament, CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda are on the injured list and are likely not due back to the team until next month. Add to this rehab and the need to get back to their velocity on their pitch, this could be some time. Then you have David Phelps and Vidal Nuno, who came as replacement but simply didn’t do the job. Finally, you have rookie Chase Whitley with five starts for experience. Whitley has performed to the management’s satisfaction but Phelps and Nuno didn’t.

Michael Pineda - 1
Michael Pineda


With those two just continuing to pitch terrible for the Yankees, it’s going to force Brian Cashman’s hand next month and make him trade for a starter because this isn’t cutting it. If one of the two were struggling and the other was pitching well, it would be a different story, but with both giving lackluster starts, the Yankees can’t stay in the playoff race and continue to trot both out there.


In their sight the Yankees, are looking at anything apt to bolster their rotation. They have nothing in AAA that is capable to come up and help the team. With six games back from the Toronto Blue Jays and only one game back for the second wild card playoff spot, the New York Yankees still have a chance to make it in come October.

So whether it’s Jason Hammel, Cliff Lee, Bronson Arroyo or James Shields who the Yankees will get to face and see what he is made of or anyone else the Yankees may have their eye on this coming trade deadline, we can expect Cashman to make another summer deadline deal and add a pitcher to a rotation that desperately needs the help to stay in the American League playoff chase.


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