More Changes to the 2021 NHL Entry Draft Coming

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Changes to the 2021 NHL Draft Coming Up
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Some interesting news last night during the intermission at Hockey Night in Canada with Chris Johnston and Elliotte Friedman for their Headline segment.

Below is a quick rundown of some recent future NHl information developing in the NHL.

NHL Draft 2021

With the recent changes brought forward mainly due to the pandemic at the 2020 NHL Draft, we can expect some more changes again in preparation to the NHL 2021 draft too. The 2021 NHL draft is currently set to take place on July 23rd and July 24th and the league must deal with some important issues before those dates.

Starting with scouting, the current incoming crop of players has not been scouted like the it was in previous years. Empty arenas mean players whether in the juniors or at the university do net get the visual of NHL scouts. Only certian highlight reels are available online and it limits the capacity for scouts to see the players throughout a game. The other of course it limits them to see only certain players but not a group of them. many scouts will watch teams with multiple prospects on both teams to maximize their scouting abilities for their NHL clubs.

One of the ways to to fix that is to have a tournament in order to showcase the talent of some of those future 2021 NHL draft prospects. The tournament would regroup some of the best players available for the 2021 NHL draft where scouts would be entitled to observe while offering some top caliber junior hockey.

“They’re looking for ideas for what you do with all these draft-eligible players, many of whom haven’t played at all this season anywhere that NHL teams can see,” Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston said Saturday during Hockey Night in Canada’s Headlines segment. “One thing that has been discussed is a tournament, a series of games, what have you, at some point in the spring, in which those players could play.

“Obviously you could invite scouts or have them watch from a safe distance through video, but it might be a way to get some eyeballs on these guys, because it’s been a tough year on those teenagers, too.”

Pushing the NHL Draft date back

In addition, aside from the normal preparation to this unusual NHL draft, Eliotte Friedman pointed out that NHL is considering to push the NHL Draft date back too. looking back at 202, the NHL draft took place virtually in October 2020, where normally the NHL season start. This october draft was pushed from the previously scheduled dates odf late-June. Apparently some NHL teams have asked if again for 2021, the NHL Entry Draft can be moved back further.

“I think there are teams out there, that would be interested in seeing the draft moved back to December or January instead of this July,” Friedman said during Saturday’s segment. “And I think there’s also a couple of teams … discussing the possibility of doing two drafts next June — a late ’02 and an ’03 draft on one day, and then maybe a few days later, an ’03 and an ’04 draft.

“I don’t know what the decision is going to be, but these are some of the ideas that are coming back to the league.”

So although plans are being thrown with some ideas to make it fair to the NHL teams and also fair for the young talents, nothing concrete has been decided or approved, at this time. Once a decision is reached for the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, it would require the approval of the NHLPA and the 32 NHL teams.

Teams Keeping an Eye on Victor Mete from the Montreal Canadiens

Friedman also mentioned some teams are keeping a close eye on defenceman Victor Mete from the Montreal Canadiens. Mete who has been part of the regular roster for the last thee years has seen his time dimish while Montreal played in the bubble last summer during the playoffs. Now with the recent acquisitions of Joel Edmmuson during the off season and the arrival of Alex Romanov, mete has found himself being on the taxi squad and hasn’t played one game yet this season.


It is obvious some teams will be circling back after some teams have suffered injuries and in a short season will want to make changes more rapidly in order to avoid falling behind in the standing. On the other hand, Marc Bergevin, who lost Noah Juulsen on waivers to the Florida Panthers will want to keep Mete as depth on the blue line. The only other defenseman NHL-ready are Xavier Ouellet and Cale Fleury.


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