NHL Trade Rumors – 10 Feb 14

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Although the “Olympic trade freeze” is now in effect in the NHL until the 23rd February 2014, many trade rumors will still go on as this time is excellent for general managers to continue negotiations. We look at what the Buffalo Sabres options are in preparations to the reactivation of the trading period leading to the trade deadline of March 5th.

Ryan Miller ready to move on…

With trading deadline fast approaching, one of the names to watch will be Buffalo Sabres veteran goaltender, Ryan Miller. The 33 year-old is set to become an unrestricted free agent in July and being part of a long term rebuilding process by the Sabres may be not what he is contemplating. Tim Murray, Sabres general manager has had discussions with Miller on what his intent and personal plan was and this discussion has remained confidential to the medias. According to sources close to the goaltender Ryan Miller appears ready to move on. He would welcome a trade to a contender if it can help the Sabres in their rebuilding.

Ryan Miller -3
Ready to move on

According to Jon Vogl of the Buffalo News, he stated: “It’s pretty easy if you don’t want to stay, just go about your business and do your job and move on.” So far Miller has stayed low-key throughout these rumors and what would be next for him. Well known for declaring publicly his criticism  towards the play of his team or opponents such as Milan Lucic, Miller has been quiet which could mean his plan has been already communicated to the Sabres management. At 33, Miler may not have the chance to win a Stanley Cup with the Sabres and achance at winning it with a contender may what’s next for him. Keep in mind the closer Miller would be traded by the March 5th deadline the lesser, the return may be for Tim Murray. At this point Miller would only be a rental, just like Martin Brodeur would be if he changes teams.

The best option for Miller would be to be traded to a contender and resign with Buffalo next summer. Teams interested in Ryan Miller have been the St-Louis Blues, who seem to have difficulties in front of the net with Jaroslav Halak, the Minnesota Wild who are looking for an option after the loss of Josh Harding. The New York Islanders were also known to be in the mix as they are looking for a bona-fide goaltender prior to move in the Bronx and bring stability in the net.

Matt Moulson will be in demand

The Sabres will likely be the busiest team by the trading deadline, mainly because of they are last in the Eastern Conference but also they have some players of interest who will probably not return next year. One of them is Matt Moulson. Acquired earlier in the season, Moulson is a highly sought scorer which would help all 30 teams in the NHL. Yes, all 30 teams because the Sabres would love to retain him too. Chances are Moulson will be able to go to a contender in the off-season at the price he feels it’s right. This could be a six to seven million salary for many years. Meanwhile teams are looking for his services for adding offense leading to the post season and during the playoffs. Many teams are in the mix with the Los Angeles Kings, the Ottawa Senators, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Montreal Canadiens, the San Jose Sharks and never eliminate the Philadelphia Flyers.

Steve Ott and the others…

The Sabres are looking at unloading some players and one player who has been inquired about at the same rhythm of Matt Moulson is gritty forward Steve Ott. Ott who’s also set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer will be a useful addition to any teams heading into the playoffs. Known for his grit, hard hitting and antagonizing behaviour on the ice, Ott can also provide some valuable offense around the net. The 31 year-old winger this year has played in 57 games compiling 9 goals and 11 assists for 20 points with a minus -26. He was acquired from the Dallas Stars on the 2nd July 2012. Also on other teams radar is Drew Stafford and Henrik Tallinder. Those players could be included in a trade package for prospects and draft choices.

More trade rumors and news…

The Boston Bruins are sitting atop the eastern Conference but according to general manager Peter Chiarelli, the Bruins could add more depth and more precisely at defense. The Bruins who were 7-1-2 as of Saturday are happy with the current roster. When asked if the Bruins could be active leading to the trade deadline, Chiarelli declared: “We’re moving the puck well, the power play has been good, the penalty killing has been doing well and the goalies have been good. We’re on a good stretch now. We’ve got 26 games left now. We’re in a pretty good spot. “But my initial instinct was to add depth, and that remains.” Chiarelli’s depth, he is looking for is at defense.

Peter Chiarelli -1


Bruins could be targeting a player apt at replacing Dennis Seidenberg such as Andrew MacDonald with the New York Islanders, Chris Phillips with the Senators or Ron Hainsey with the Carolina Hurricanes. Although Chiarelli stated is looking for depth, don’t be surprised if he acquires which could play on his top-four defenseman corps.

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