NHL Trade Rumors from 24 Feb 14

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Is Martin St-Louis heading to New York?

– An interesting trade rumor made swirled around the medias today. It came from New York and Larry Brooks from the NY Post who stated that the New york Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning were discussing a trade involving both captains: Marty

Martin St-Louis -1

St-Louis from the Tampa Bay Lightning and captain Ryan Callahan from the Rangers.  He re-emphasized in his article that general manager Steve Yzerman from Tampa Bay is not interested in dealing St-Louis. Even more so, considering Callahan is considered a rental since he will become an unrestricted free agent. Martin St-Louis, who just recently returned from the Sochi Olympics with a gold medal, has full no-trade clause in his contract.

TSN NHL Insider, Bob Mckenzie believes that when there is smoke, there is always a bit of fire. Whether the talks took place before the Olympics started betwen general manager Glen Sather of the New York Rangers and Steve Yzerman, nobody will really know. The asking salary of Ryan Callahan is above what the lIghtning would be willing to pay, according to Larry Brooks.

In his article mcKenzie from TSN NHL Insider mentioned that this story maybe a couple weeks old and just surfacing right now. Both team fighting for a playoff spot may want to put a kaibosh to the rumor in order for teams to be without any distractions leading to the trade deadline. He mentions that the rumor may have something to do with the original snub of St-Louis by Yzerman but this is not confirmed.

P-A Parenteau wishes to stay with the Colorado Avalanche

According to TSN NHL Trade Centre, P-A Parenteau is happy to stay in Denver and doesn’t wish to be traded. Parenteau who has been linked to a few trade rumors this season mainly based on his lack of playtime in Denver with the Avalanche is discarding any rumors at this point and wishes to focus on his play. “You try not to think about it, but it’s not easy, especially when you have a family,” Parenteau told The Denver Post.

“I love it here. I want to stay here. You don’t want to leave a place you love, and you don’t want to leave a really good team too, which is what we have here. So, I know this is a really big chance for me now, and I’m planning on making it happen.”

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