NHL Trade Rumors – 27 Jan 15

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Now that the All-Star Break is behind, the NHL teams are now focusing in the last stretch drive to the playoffs. And in order to do so are trying to add the last elements that could make a difference for this drive and also for the playoff run. This difference can be achieved by adding a player or two, Those who are sellers may want to unload hefty salaries and start looking at the next NHL draft and position themselves for a solid pick. Trading Deadline for the NHL is set for the 2 March 2015.

Where could Jaromir Jagr end up?

It is known the New jersey Devils have a considerate amount of points to make up in order to be in the playoffs. In addition, they have fair amount of veterans in their roster, and if the New Jersey Devils are not to make the playoffs, they will need to trade some veterans who could assist other teams as rental players. One of them is future Hall-Of-Famer, Jaromir Jagr. Jagr has expressed his intentions to stay in New Jersey, where he truly enjoys the organization, despite the team having a dismal season.

Jagr’s statistics this season are still good for a 42 year olds veteran. He is not quite on pace to repeat last year’s numbers. This year on a New Jersey struggling team Jagr has only 9 goals and 25 points and is a minus -10. A few teams are said to be interested in Jagr at a modest price. It is said that his old teams like the Boston Bruins, the New York Rangers, the Pittsburgh Penguins and also the Montreal Canadiens have interest in the right winger.

Jaromir Jagr Trade Rumors
Jaromir Jagr on the trade market

When addressing the rumors over the All Star Break, Jagr divulged to Fire and Ice, that he’d like to think about it before any deal is to be made. When in Dallas with the Dallas Stars, he didn’t want to leave there either and the Boston Bruins gave him the time to think about it and discussed with him first with the Stars approval.

He was quoted saying to Fire and Ice: “If anybody wants to bring somebody in, they want to make sure that he wants to go even if you don’t have control,” Jagr told Fire and Ice. “At least, they did it when I went to Boston. They gave me time to think about it. But, I didn’t want to leave Dallas either. I was happy there.”

Jagr is currently earning 3.5 million dollars this season and is on the last year of his current contract. He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season. Lou Lamoriello may be forced to trade Jagr to free up cap space but also refill his bank of prospects. It is not sure what Lamoriello is asking for Jagr,  but he may wait until the deadline to get the most out of his veteran.


Changes brewing in Ottawa

With the Ottawa Senators, they are pretty much in the same position as the New jersey Devils. They haven’t given up yet, but with teams like Tampa Bay Lightning, the Detroit Red Wings, the Montreal Canadiens playing strong hockey at the top of the conference, the Senators are seeing themselves in a ditch where it will be very hard to come out of. Plagued also by the firing of Paul MacLean earlier in the season, the Senators are playing better hockey under new coach Dave Cameron, but remain inconsistent. The Senators are currently sitting 10 points out of a playoff spot and will need to strong upcoming home stands to get back in it.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, general manager Bryan Murray declared he would be open in trading some veteran for some younger players or picks should his team fall lower in the standings. The Senators will be looking at their options on who they can let go. Mainly some veterans, players that are available to be traded by the Senators are veterans Chris Phillips on defense and long time Senator forwards Chris Neil who can help on the fourth or third line with his work around the net. There is also David Legwand acquired by the Senators during the summer as a free agent who could also help another team during the playoffs.


Cody Franson on the market?

The Toronto Maple Leafs may be tempted to dangle defenseman Cody Franson to a team wishing to bolster their defense. The Leafs who have lost five straight are once again inconsistent this season after a decent start to the season. Franson will be an unrestricted free agent next summer and the Leafs will wait a bit longer before they let him go. They realize Franson would be a rental player and would not generate that much of a return.

This year Cody Franson has 6 goals and 23 assists in 46 games played. he is a minus-6, but could help a team making a run for the playoffs needing a defenseman generating some offence.



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