Relaunching Trade Rumors

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Trade Rumors is relaunching our new-look trade rumors website after a hiatus of near two years. We hope you will enjoy your new blog on the latest NHL Trade Rumors happening during the off-season and during the season too. Trade Rumors went into a hiatus due to health reasons but is happy to be back. We have started to publish some articles pertinent to what is currently happening in the NHL.  Trade Rumors will continue to focus on not only trade rumors across the league but also player movements, drafts news, prospects news, European prospects players, KHL news and news from the Juniors.

We want Trade Rumors to have a focus on all news affecting the NHL. We can also picture Trade Rumors as more an overall magazine for NHL news. Rest assured, we will continue to provide NHL trade rumors as they come and will continue to verify the validity of those rumors and simply not publish click baits.

We hope you will enjoy the new layout, photos and articles. The new layout is aimed at putting more rumors and news in an easy to navigate format. With this new format, articles are more organized and easier to find.

Finally, we thank you our readers for tuning in and making Trade Rumors the site it has been since 2014.

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