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At Trade, we are passionate about sports and also passionate abut what is happening behind the scenes in all major sports. Our focus is on trade rumors, but we also love to bring up some great articles for you the reader to get your fix on what makes the major leagues tick.

On this note, we are looking for quality sports writers who knows their sport (NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL), to bring us great articles on the various trade rumors, hiring, firings or demotion.

If you are one of those send s an email at our CONTACT US page, along with THREE samples of work you have done and published. The articles should be free of mistakes (typo), excellent grammar with a flow in the story and finally not a plagiarism copy/paste story that will pass COPYSCAPE when running it through.¬†Indicate in the subject line “WRITE FOR US”, for clarity.

Have a chance to be discovered, noticed and write about a topic you love writing about. Your name or pen name wil be shown under the article you provide to us and that is published after passing all the quality control steps.

If you are looking for Guest Posting and you own your own site, we will entertain the request pending we can exchange site links. We want to hear from you!

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